New Delhi, Feb 10: Following direction from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the low cost airlines IndiGo has grounded three A320 neo aircraft due to engine problems.
In a statement issued on Saturday, IndiGo confirmed that there are some issues with the engine of the said aircraft and keeping the safety as top priority, it has decided not to fly these three aircrafts.
According to the statement, the grounded aircraft are powered by Pratt & Whitney engines and the move follows a directive from European aviation safety regulator EASA.
The statement said, “IndiGo confirms the receiving the recommendations by Pratt & Whitney as well as EASA with respect to the A320neo aircraft powered by PW1100G – JM engines. The recommendations are with respect to a certain sub-propulsion of engines, with a particular engine configuration.” 
“IndiGo has only three such affected aircraft. As soon as IndiGo learnt of these developments, IndiGo had proactively withdrawn the three A320neo aircraft from service w.e.f. 9th of February,” said the statement. 
It further added that Pratt & Whitney, with the support of Airbus, is in close contact with us to address the results of a recent finding related to the issue raised in the said communication. Our precautionary measure of grounding the three aircraft resulted in cancellations of some of our flights. But we feel it was the best decision in the interest of our safe and reliable operations. 
IndiGo said that the affected passengers have been accommodated in our other connections and flights of other airlines. The passengers have also been given choice of full refund as well. Safety of aircraft, passenger and crew at IndiGo is of highest priority and at no time it can be compromised with.
On the issue DGCA said EASA on Friday issued an emergency airworthiness directive for A320 neo planes fitted with PW1100 engines having a particular serial number.
Airbus has also issued an alert for providing instructions to de-pair the affected engines and discontinue extended range twin-engine operations for aircraft fitted with affected engines. UNI
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