New Delhi, Mar 13: Members of Parliament from All India Trinamool Congress on Tuesday staged protest against linking of bank accounts and social welfare schemes to the unique 12-digit identification Aadhaar number.
Among others, senior lawmakers Sudip Banyopadhyay, Saugata Roy, Sishik Adhikari, Kalyan Banerjee, Prasun Banerjee and Moon Moon Sen participated in the protest near Mahatma Gandhi statue outside Parliament House.
Shatbdi Roy and other MPscarried placards reading: 'Say No to Aadhaar' and 'Do not link social sector schemes to Aadhaar'.
Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee had earlier accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of unleashing an "autocratic rule" in the country said the the linking of Aadhaar with mobile phone numbers and bank accounts should be opposed. UNI
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