Gupta dares Congress leaders to register their protest against Azad, Soz
Jammu, July 02: BJP is the most responsible political setup in the present India and those who dare raise question on BJP should first learn to work for the region, this was stated by State General Secretary of BJP Jammu & Kashmir, Harinder Gupta.
Harinder Gupta said that BJP is working with full enthusiasm to fill in the voids in development process created by the present opposition during their rule in the country and only BJP can ensure development of the people at regional as well as National level.
Advising Congress party to shun dual policy in working and speaking, Harinder Gupta raised the point that the Congress party has always thrived on the region, religion and caste based politics in the Nation and put blame on others for it. He lamented that the very idea of Congress is based on “Divide and Rule” and appeasement to first brew up tension within one community and fanning sentiments of other community to reap their sinful crops of lustful power corridors.
Gupta said that it is the Congress party that has sown the seeds of resentment and discontentment in Jammu region by its opportunistic politics and questioned Raman Bhalla who was a Minister in the earlier government in J&K, that what he actually did for the welfare of the common masses on ground.
Gupta questioned the sincerity of Congress leader and claimed that even now they have sealed their mouths shut on the anti-National statements given by their star leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad and Prof. Saif Ud Din Soz. He dared the so called Jammu leaders from Congress party to register their protest against these leaders and clear their stand on the issue. He also said that the common masses are well aware of the strategies of Congress party and their love affair with the power chair for their petty personal gains.
Gupta said that BJP fully stands committed to its pledge of serving the Nation with sweat and blood. BJP has always fought for the cause of Jammu and its people and people know in their hearts that BJP is their own party which can never go beyond the agenda of Nationalism, he added.
Gupta further claimed that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a new age of development has paved way in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and those areas which were neglected for decades together are given healing touch. He said that even after pulling out of government, BJP will leave no stone unturned for the development in the region and those who dare raise question on BJP should first learn to work for the region.
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