Kolkata, Aug 26: Kolkata Traffic Police’s latest effort is aimed at making travelling for the commuter easier. It has started installing electronic boards displaying timings of arrival of buses at major intersections. The first such electronic board has been installed at the Exide crossing, below the flyover. No longer would people have to worry unnecessarily about when a particular bus would arrive. The system syncs the scheduled arrival times of buses with the real-time movement of buses, based on GPS, to display the correct timings of arrival. There are plans by the Kolkata Traffic Police to put up such boards on busy roads across the area of its jurisdiction. Initially, the service will be available for AC state buses plying in the city, and will then include other state buses and even private buses. The Bengal Transport Department’s Pathadisha app has already become a huge hit, especially among commuters. Now this effort by the Kolkata Traffic Police is another feather in the cap of the transport infrastructure of the state. UNI
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