Kolkata, Feb 10: Haringhata Meat, a unit of the State Animal Resources Development Department, has decided to rear chickens for selling the meat. 
Earlier, only eggs were used to be sold.
With this increased supply of meat, the government is confident that the price of chicken would come down to be within the reach of most people in the state.
Varieties of chicken having tasty meat are being reared at a farm in Jalpaiguri spread over 22 acres. 
It is an air-conditioned (AC) farm having some of the latest technologies, built at a cost of Rs 12 crore.
West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Limited is behind the maintenance, selling and marketing of this meat, to be sold under the brand name of Haringhata Meat.
Cobb-400 chicken has been bought to prepare the broiler meat. 
These are costly as well as their maintenance. 
At the AC farm in Jalpaiguri, there is space for 30,000 chickens to be reared. Government sources say that the facility can produce up to 50 lakh hatchlings per year. 
Availability of so much chicken would naturally lower the prices all over the state. UNI
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