Ranjri, Jyly 27: Showering the pearls of spiritualism, at Ranjri on the occassion of Guru Purnima, his holiness, Sh. Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, of Sahib Bandgi panth, said that often man has to wander in the ocean of misconceptions while making an attempt for the attainment of God. Some scriptures describe meditation & recitation of Nam as the means for the attainment of God whereas the others say that man can’t do so on its own. Seeing two things in the sayings of Sahib as well, Dharam Dass ji tells Sahib that the study of Shastras has created misconceptions in his mind. He pray to him to clear his doubts whether meditation & recitation or the Satguru will help in crossing the worldly ocean.              Some say the Satguru will take us across the worldly ocean if we surrender before him. Those who say that we ourselves have to do something will opine that act of surrender as well is the act of doing something.
        Nanak Dev ji says that only a devotee who has been destined, will go to the guru. Now the question arises as to how this will happen. Sahibji as well has said that only awakened jivas come to him.
The noble deeds performed by man in his previous births change his interior accordingly. They make man wise & he becomes able to understand all this.
        The deeds of many births are with you. You have worshipped for births together & it is the fruit of all this that has brought you to me. You try to explain this to your friends & relatives but they don’t pay any heed. They are not to blame for this.
That is to say your noble virtues will enable you understand. There is another formula for one who is not in possession of virtues. The spiritual discourses of the Satguru & the spiritual power in his eyes will bring a change in him.
        He will definitely bring a change in you. Also, you would come if any of your ancestors has been a devotee. That is to say 71 generations - 35 previous ones, 35 yet to come & one of the devotee himself. This is because the worship of the devotee will continue to have the good effect of the real & true worship related to Param Purush. The previous ones would take birth in the homes of Namis & will this come to seek the shelter of the Satguru.
        I would cite an example in this regard that man has to do anything or Satguru will do. A tree needs all that your body needs. It takes the needed energy from the soil. But it can’t get one thing from the soil. For its survival it has to depend on solar energy. But the fact is that it receives from the sun even the power to get the food from the earth which is a part of the sun itself.
        So to say, the same thing happens in connection with the worship of the Satguru. So never say you are the doer. Don’t be an egoist. It is he who is the real doer. You are only a medium.
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